Thursday, February 4, 2010


My cousin Kady came to us about a year or so ago and brought to our attention the need of one of her good friends. She just told us she was in a bad situation and had a young daughter Lauren. Over the past year she has had another child Riley and her situation has seemed to have gotten worse as the year had progressed. We have been praying for Chelsea and her young family. That GOD would intervine and his presence would be felt. The bad just turned worse for Chelsea and she was struggling with decisions she needed to make. How that would effect her family and her small children. Kady has brought Chelsea's name up very frequently, this past Tuesday night we had our girls split up for bible study and in that time we wrote on index card a bible verse or a saying that help us get through hard days. That night we lifted Chelsea up in prayer for the next day she would be goig to court. Chelsea was again surronded by prayer on Wednesday morning, as she went to court. Almost the whole day went by before Kady heard any news from her. But when she did it was all good news. The courts ruled in favor of her and he has to pay so much in child support. GOD IS GOOD!

I just spoke with Chelsea this morning and she said that she could feel GOD with her there the whole day. She thanked us for our prayers and support during this time. It is so good to know that GOD is in control of everything. He will always be there, and i am so glad she could feel him with her.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

God is good

We had a great bible study last night! Besides Sam cutting her finger with a knife and then her and I trying to make homemade potato soup it was a really good night. We had about 21 people which I think is the most we have had. Yesterday I got to go home before bible study which is unusual, so I made some tea and put up dishes just trying to waste time until I had to leave to go to Sam and Steve's. And I kept thinking ok now what I don't want to turn on the TV I would just like to enjoy the quiet. So I decided to pray, it is not something that I "stop" to do, of course I pray but I don't stop and pray. I don't actually get down on my knees and just talk to God, like I should do. So I did and God and I talked, I prayed for my loved ones and for my new family. For my friends and specific names, and then i was silent. I just listened Got didn't say anything but I just listened. To the dog down the street bark, the heat in my house come on JUST LISTENED. It was so peaceful; I knew that I was with GOD. He was with me and I felt his presence, and since that moment I feel this excitement like I have butterflies in my stomach. I know God is doing something great in my life and my family’s life. Also in our group, God is working and I can't wait to see what he brings!!!!!!!! GOD IS GOOD!!!!!! I can't wait to just listen again!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Marriage is hard

Well it finally happened, Justin and I had the biggest fight of our 3 month marriage. It started out with something stupid like most fights usually do, and grew from there. He didn't go to church yesterday morning and I packed my bags to stay with my dad. It all worked out but hurtful words were said on both sides. I knew marriage would be hard now I am beliving that it is hard, and something that you have to work at EVERY DAY!

God please be with Justin and I through this journey, you hold it all in your hands. Just let us learn to give it to you all to you!

Friday, January 22, 2010

God is in control

Marriage is hard! It is something you have to work at, everyday. It makes it even harder when the money you need to be there isn't there. And that conversation always ends up in a fight. I know God will provide and I know that i have to trust him to do that. But that i am still learning to do just TRUST him. Just pray that WE will learn to give it all to God, even though we know he loves us and will never leave us the human nature in us is to try every way to fix it ourselves. And obviously that is not working.

God please be with me and Justin as we get through this hard time!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Adding a Girl to the family

Well that title could get alot of attention :) but it is not me! We found out today that my Aunt Karen is having a girl! We are so excited, her name will be Kennedy Faith. I know she will be beautiful as her older brother is. Our Austin! WOW he is a mess, and i am sure she will be just like him. I can't wait to meet her. God is so good!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something New

So, this is the newest thing to do..... well i guess i will give it a try. A little about me, my name is Courtney and i live in Pinson, AL. The middle of nowhere, i am engaged to Justin and we are taking the plunge on October 10,2009 at my home church in Gardendale. We have been together for almost 2 years, we have three dogs Peanut, Bama, and Bruce, and a Cat named Sophie. We have the best friends and family we could have ever asked for. God has truly blessed us, we bought a house last September and that is where we will live. I guess that is about it for now..........