Thursday, February 4, 2010


My cousin Kady came to us about a year or so ago and brought to our attention the need of one of her good friends. She just told us she was in a bad situation and had a young daughter Lauren. Over the past year she has had another child Riley and her situation has seemed to have gotten worse as the year had progressed. We have been praying for Chelsea and her young family. That GOD would intervine and his presence would be felt. The bad just turned worse for Chelsea and she was struggling with decisions she needed to make. How that would effect her family and her small children. Kady has brought Chelsea's name up very frequently, this past Tuesday night we had our girls split up for bible study and in that time we wrote on index card a bible verse or a saying that help us get through hard days. That night we lifted Chelsea up in prayer for the next day she would be goig to court. Chelsea was again surronded by prayer on Wednesday morning, as she went to court. Almost the whole day went by before Kady heard any news from her. But when she did it was all good news. The courts ruled in favor of her and he has to pay so much in child support. GOD IS GOOD!

I just spoke with Chelsea this morning and she said that she could feel GOD with her there the whole day. She thanked us for our prayers and support during this time. It is so good to know that GOD is in control of everything. He will always be there, and i am so glad she could feel him with her.

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